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Nicolas Quendez, Technical Director, Oxelo, Decathlon SA - 2010:

Un bon travail en équipe permettant de sortir des sentiers battus !

Philippe Picaud, Design Director, Decathlon SA - 2009:

James is a very professional designer with a constructive approach to the design brief. Calm, with a good spirit, he is a person you like to share ideas and discuss solutions.

Deborah Taffler, The Brand Conspiracy - 2009:

Great results, high integrity, creative.

James was originally a colleague at Pentagram Design, where he consistently surprised and delighted the team and their clients with remarkably creative thinking. Since then, I have hired James a number of times as an independent design consultant on a number of projects, ranging from white goods/appliances to luxury brands, and he has continued to deliver both highly creative and technically sound design solutions. equally importantly (and unusually for a 'creative') he is always mindful of scheduling and budgetary issues and pays great attention to detail. And finally - he is great fun to work with!”

Simon Hadjidimoff, Brand Design Director, Artengo, Decathlon SA. - 2008:

Great results, expert, good value.

Abaxis Piccolo+, Diagnostic Blood Analyser - 2007:

“This machine is like nothing I have ever seen in a lab. User friendly and someone thought very, very long about aesthetics and design of a lab instrument..... Very high tech, highly sophisticated instrumentation packaged in a way that invites you to work with it. This was worth every penny spent to develop and design this. Someone actually thought about color and lines. This is going to be a huge winner.”

K.R. Clinician and professor at major U.S. university teaching hospital.

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