James Toleman qualified in Industrial Design Engineering at Central St Martins, London, in 1986. He then trained in London in the Eighties, working in leading design offices in New York, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco before returning to Europe - whilst maintaining a continual search for a wider knowledge and expertise in the craft of design.

During this time he developed ground breaking products for Origin, SGI, Airshields Vickers, Abaxis, Toshiba, Baxter, Diba, Psion, and Decathlon amongst others.

The launch of James Toleman Innovation Design in year 2000, enabled a re-focusing on the experiential process of making things - thus providing current and future clients with specialised knowledge on a unique collaborative level.

In 2011 James Toleman Innovation Design became Industrial Design Innovation - Studio, marking the beginning in a new era of collaboration between innovation specialists.

At Industrial Design Innovation we make things to put in the hands of users: design by investigation and experimentation - create, test, refine, and so on. We call this biotic design. The workshop is the centre of all our activity, it allows us to build virtually anything. Only then can the MMI become virtually transparent and the use of the object a simple pleasure.

Our work reflects a broad range of capabilities and interests and has consistently won international recognition.

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